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[General View of] Mussoorie- Water-Colour Painting
Rare Old Water Painting of Mussoorie

[Photograph Discription]

Water-colour painting by Edward Augustus Prinsep (1828-1900) of Mussoorie in Uttar Pradesh, c. 1848. Inscribed on front in ink: 'At Mussoorie.' Mussorie, in the Himalayan foothills developed following the popularity of Shimla, the nearby hill station and summer capital of British India. A convalescent centre for soldiers was established at Landour nearby and the two towns soon merged. Many substantial homes appeared, precariously situated on the mountainside, some belonging to Maharajas and others belonging to more humble residents. The area was considered a healthy place for children and quickly developed a reputation as a scholastic centre. By the early 1900s the town boasted nine schools for boys and five for girls, today Mussorie is still famous for its educational facilities.


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